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Heating Systems in High Wycombe.

Andy Rever Plumbing is a fully qualified heating company based in High Wycombe who have been providing the people of High Wycombe with all central heating installations; our heating engineers have years of experience working with all types of heating systems.

Heating systems in High WycombeOur heating engineers install heating systems in High Wycombe and surrounding areas, they can advise you on what is the best heating system you would like installing and why.

Types of Central Heating Systems

The Conventional Heating System - The main elements of this system is the two expansion tanks generally located within the loft space and a hot water cylinder. The boiler receives water from one of the expansion tanks (the other tank supplies the cylinder with water), it heats up and travels to the cylinder to warm up the water for your hot taps, the boiler also provides the radiators with hot water for heating your home.

System Boiler Heating Systems - Similar system to the conventional system, the difference is there is only one expansion tank supplying the hot water cylinder, and the boiler is a sealed system which receives its water supply from the cold water mains.

One of the most popular systems in this day and age is the Combi Boiler System - Combi systems have no expansion tanks in the loft or any hot water cylinders. The water enters the boiler from the cold water mains and runs through the boilers heat exchanger, which instantly heats the water to supply the hot taps and/or radiators.

There are many other different variations of the heating systems listed above. Additionally, we have discussed unvented hot water systems on another page on our website.

If you would like Andy Rever Plumbing to install a new heating system within your home, then please get in touch today on 07725585748 or visit our contact page for more information.

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