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Unvented Hot Water Systems in High Wycombe.

Andy Rever Plumbing are specialists in unvented hot water systems and has been providing these types of systems for many years in High Wycombe and surrounding areas.

What is an unvented hot water system?

Unvented hot water systems were only made legal within the UK in 1986, but since its legality, it has been increasing in popularity ever since. An unvented hot water system doesn't have a cold water expansion tank in the loft; instead, it is a sealed hot water cylinder which is supplied by the household cold water mains. A conventional hot water cylinder is fed by gravity from the tank in the loft; the unvented cylinder is mains fed, so the external hot water flow is a much higher flow rate which benefits showers and baths.

Usually, the conventional cylinder has to be stored in the airing cupboard, below the tank in the loft; so that it is fed by gravity. One of the best things about an unvented cylinder is it can be located anywhere in your home.

Most hot water cylinders are heated via an external source. The most popular way for them to be heated is via a gas boiler and solar panels. The heated water from the external source passes through a copper coil within the cylinder and warms up the water.

Unvented Hot Water Systems in High WycombeHot water in a sealed cylinder can cause issues.

The problem with heating water in a sealed cylinder is that hot water expands. This is why there are many thermostats and safety devices on the unvented cylinders to make sure it stays safe. There are two main features when it comes to the prevention of hot water expanding, and that is the bubble top unit which creates an air bubble above the cylinder or an external expansion vessel. You can rest assured that an unvented hot water system is entirely safe.

If you would like an unvented hot water system installing in High Wycombe or surrounding areas, then please get in touch today with Andy Rever Plumbing on 07725585748 or visit our contact page for more information.

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